Digitakt + RK-002 + 01/IV

Quick background - Experienced musician, but relative newbie to electronic production - constant struggles with MIDI.

I’d like to utilise the Euclidean features of the RK-002 to control my Division Department 01/IV with my Digitakt, but I’m struggling to get my head around how to do this. Has anyone attempted/succeeded with this type of arrangement?

Any help so welcome :pray:


Dang that’s a good idea, I have all those bits of gear but haven’t put those together yet. I’ll try tonight and see what my caveman brain can come up with.

Awesome man, let me know how you go!
I’ll be having another go at it tonight.

I was not able to get it going, was also my first time attempting to use the RK-002. After trying for an hour, I switched back to my previous way of using the devices.

Same here - too much MIDI for my analogue brain lol

Its funny to me, I bought the RK-002 a couple of (gasp) years ago, and just kind of forgot about it amid all the life chaos. I totally don’t understand how it supposed to work. :crazy_face:

I typically am sequencing the 01/IV with my midi-modified Korg Volca Beats, after attempting at using the digitakt for sequencing it proved bit more complicated than I wanted. I can imagine wonderful things happening with the RK-002 combo and 01/IV but haven’t actualized that at all.

I’ve managed to get the Digi and 01/IV working quite nicely the last few days, including routing the audio from the 01/IV via the Digi. Here was the mini jam from the other night:

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