Digitakt Sample error

I want to load a recorded sample into my project. The project is nearly full apart from 4 slots. It will let me load any other sample into the project but recorded ones. I have cleared other samples to try and put them in the project but to no avail. Has anyone had this bug /issue and is there a way around it. Been working on this set for a couple months now so I don’t want to ruin it.

When a project’s RAM has reached its maximum and you want to load more samples, you need to unload unused samples from RAM. However, once you unload them, you have to re-save the project because the RAM isn’t really cleared until the project is saved without the samples you just unloaded.

After that, you have to reload the saved project. Now the RAM is free. Once there’s free space in the RAM, you can load more samples.


It worked thank you so much. Mucho appreciation to you man

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You’re welcome!