Digitakt Sample Library in Overbridge Issue

I’m trying out Overbridge for the first time… I personally don’t have much use for it but I like the interface and wanted to give it a go.

When I load the Overbridge plugin into Studio One, everything seems to work fine, but the +Drive Sound Library makes no sense. The Digitakt doesn’t use banks for storing its samples, it uses directories. Why do samples appear as if they are loaded into banks?

Second, the minimal amount of samples that do appear, I don’t even know where they came from or if they’re on my device. I’ve never heard of or used any of the 50-60 samples that appear in the plugin Sound Browser, so where are those coming from and what am I doing incorrectly here? Do I have to reload the project or something to have my Sound Browser updated? Because currently I don’t even know what samples are being referenced in it.


Sounds are stored in banks though.

Where can I find banks on my Digitakt?

sounds and samples are very different.
its a common area of confusion , i recommend digging through the forum a bit more to understand the difference.

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When accessing the sounds. Sounds are not samples

I’ve owned a Digitakt and Digitone, sold the Digitone. I understand the difference between the two.

I have hundreds of samples on my Digitakt. 60 samples appear in Overbridge and ones I’ve never heard of at that.

So Overbridge is the part I don’t understand now. Didn’t understand there was a difference between the two in Overbridge, I thought it was just standardized between the Digitone and Digitakt. What’s the difference and how do you make a sample, a sound?

when i use overbridge ,
the samples used in the project appear in the sample drop down within a list of 127 locations.

sounds appear in the sound browser.
theyre loaded into a project by selecting them from banks.

this structure is on the device , you may have found an issue with overbridge sync , if its displaying things on overbridge that you cannot find on the digitakt itself.

digitone only has sounds.
to make a sound on digitakt , you setup all the parameters ,including the sample being used, then save it as a sound (i.e banks a to F etc etc.)
which is much easier to deal with if you look through the manual that if i try to explain on here.
overbridge displays things as they are on digitakt , it just makes it a little easier .


On the digitakt a sound is a sample with a set of saved parameters. Check out the info starting on page 23 of the digitakt manual. It explains the sound browser and sound pool, how sounds are saved in banks etc.

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Sorry, I’ve come down with a cold, I knew today was going to be a long day.

Not sure how I overlooked the sample drop down menu I was looking for the entire time right in the SAMPLE section…


Yea I got my Digitakt months after my Digitone and didn’t read everything apparently, I feel like an idiot!

Since that’s the case I might as well ask even though Googling it says the answer is no, but is it possible on the DT to see which samples in the project RAM haven’t been used? My current project is only halfway full but I have a bit of OCD when it comes to this, should’ve been more careful. This was my main hope with OB, better sample management but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

In a similar vein, I am also confused about the concept of ‘Total Recall’ that appears in the Digitakt plugin. If I activate this - does the plugin store all the sample data that I have been using in the project - or just pointers to them? I haven’t yet got around to creating a project, saving it under this scenario and then removing the samples from the +Drive to see what happens.

i may be wrong , but i think its just project data and pointers to the samples , i’m not sure if you removed the samples on DT then used recall that it would redownload the samples from ableton into Digitakt.

overbridge seems focused on parameter / sounds and streaming audio.
there is no project management (arranging patterns , merging patterns from multiple projects etc) or sample management (upload , download , trim , inspect used samples , remove unused samples from a project / patterns etc).
there is no mention of this stuff on any overbridge page , the specs mentioned are quite carefully defined on the various elektron overbridge pages.

theres no way to view/inspect used samples within a project (i.e. all patterns , steps etc).
its would not only need to deal with the sample used as the main track sound which can be unique on each pattern on every track , but also any specific step parameter lock used for sample Src.

you basically have to look through things yourself .
theres no pc/mac editor to view this stuff as the sysex hasn’t been released / decoded .