Digitakt sending weird midi messages to Ableton

I’m trying to do some mapping of parameters in Ableton

Sending on Midi Channel 10 via USB, but when I try to do the mapping, in addition to sending Midi messages on 10, some signals from channel 11 and 16 are being thrown in there.

Has anyone experienced this?

Could it be my USB cable? Or is the Digitakt always sending these messages?

Was this happening before you tried the midi loopback? Have you ended all the processes associated with m4n or whatever you were using when trying that?

like, in your systray, verified the process has ended completely

If you haven’t already, try taking it off the autochannel and put it on a new midi channel on both the device and daw, or at least try changing the auto channel to something other than 10 first and see if the problem persists.

I’ve also heard that if you are only using midi over usb sometimes weird things will randomly happen if you leave it on the setting that allows the din and the usb midi, so choose the one you’re using and see if that helps instead of the option for both.

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I’ve restarted my computer. And switched the DT to USB + MIDI

I’m factory resetting now.

We’ll see

Edit: maybe it was something I did, but it appears to be working now. Thanks!

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ok good stuff man, I can’t say for sure what the cause was and I don’t want to pretend to know but this was sort of the “unpredictable” results I was talking about with midi loopback. May be something completely different though, If you’re on the newest OS and not getting any errors then it could also just be something in ableton but if what you did cleared it then it sounds ok to me. If worst comes to worst, do a soft shut down of DT then remove the power after it’s turned off and leave it out a while to let the caps dissipate.

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Hopefully the issue doesn’t return.

Until I can afford an HFX this is how I’m playing with fx :grinning:

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I like it!

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