Digitakt short on factory samples(sounds)

hello there guys …
I got my hands on a Digitakt recently and it says on the Elektron website that this device comes with 400+ factory sounds but when I go to "Manage sounds’ ’ - i have only 64 sounds on Bank "A"and that’s it…

maybe it is the only sounds that are loaded to the project, i don’t know… (?)
Am i doing something wrong here?? how can i get on to the rest of the sounds? or what can i do to get does 400+ factory sounds in my machine

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The rest of the samples are on the Drive+, they’re just not linked in that project. See section 15.2 in the manual. (Also note the distinction between samples and sounds, made clear at the beginning of chapter 9.)

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thank you for your awnser… but that action will only load the samples to my sound pull that actually and only care 128 sound"

i want to have access and be able to choose from as many sound i can from my +drive. when i go browse sound (func+data knob) i only shows 64 sounds on the Bank’" A the rest is empty …
is there a way i can preview these sounds from factory in order the load them to the track i desire ??

or how an i save sounds from factory sounds to to my +drive ??

many thank,

My Digitakt was packed away for an upcoming flight but I fished it out to confirm what I am about to tell you.

Press the gear button (Settings) and select Samples, then Factory. There are three folders, Drums, Synths, Toolbox. For illustration, select Synths and then Stabs & Pads. Navigate down to one (say Alchemistic) and press FUNC + YES and hold them. You should hear the sample. Go right for the option to Load to Proj[ect]. But don’t do this if you want to keep previewing other samples. You can preview all you like and then just NO all the way out and nothing will be changed.