Digitakt slow startup

I noticed that as I have more and more projects the startup is getting slower… Anyone experienced similar? Should I be worried?

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I thought mine was taking longer to boot up, the more I had in it, but then assumed it was just me.

Now you’ve said this, perhaps it’s a thing. Maybe worth adding o the list of complaints

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Definitely, and I don’t even have THAT many projects. Maybe 30 or so. I plan to fill the thing up so it better be stable and not lose anything :slight_smile:

That’s a lot of projects… Well for me. Typically I write a few songs in the same project and use more of the same sounds in those songs.

I’m curious how full those projects are? I have the stock project, a project for an EP I’m working on and a project for the random challenges that appear on this forum. The stock project is pretty full, my ep only uses 5 Banks and only a half dozen patterns for each bank and less than 50 total samples, and the challenges only has one sample and one bank used.

Since my Digitakt is pretty lightly loaded I figure I can test creating a bunch of projects and seeing what happens. If they need to have a lot of samples in them or if just the project can cause it to slow down… Plus I can purge those projects without fear and see if it recovers speed wise.

80% of them are ideas ready to get expanded. 10% are kinda done but I cant mix them till I get Overbridge (since I want to use some Ableton tracks and MIDI CC for transitons etc.)

I like to keep separate things separately so that was the main idea. When you start Digitakt has to load the current project only so it doesn’t really make sense for it to get slower as there are more projects.

I use projects as song mode essentially, and sending MIDI CC from Ableton to the Digitakt to change patterns. This is I found the best workflow. Obviously for a mixdown I want Overbridge so I can record all tracks separately wih transitions and then apply mixing.