Digitakt Song Mode with Max/MSP

Greetings. After I received some inquiries, I decided to share a patch I created in Max/MSP v8.1. If you are new to Max, this may seem a bit daunting, but I hope the text bubbles can guide you through the process. Once you open the file, click on presentation mode (bottom left). The rest should be fairly simple to navigate. I created this after doing a few tutorials. See links below. I’ll do my best to answer questions. Enjoy.

Link to Max. Maybe consider a trial version

This patch is a series of counters that initiate program changes on the Digitakt. Here is a link to tutorial series I used to create this patch

Patch File
Digitakt_Song_Mode_v01.maxpat (254.8 KB)


Here’s a screen shot of the patch in presentation mode


this is a nice idea. it could be a ready-made plug maybe, it doesn’t look so scary hehe. anyway i will study it. Thanks