Digitakt sound packs that come with kits (patterns)?

Most sounds packs are just 128 samples. Are there any packs that come with projects - patterns - kits?


I’ve done some more research and it seems none of the packs do…

Out of curiosity, are you looking mostly for cohesive kits (empty patterns) or packs that include free use patterns? What styles?

Something similar to the PRESET project that comes loaded in the DT.

I’m looking to copy a pattern. Delete the sequence but still use the kit.

Styles not much of a concern. I just like to make my own beats with other people’s kits :slight_smile:

It takes like 1 minute to put a good kit together, just roll your own dude!



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Exactly this. Doesn’t take long, and creating your own thing is the most rewarding part of the… creative experience.

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Just realized I’m that online guy who essentially responds to a question with “your question is wrong”.

lol sorry op

All good :v:

I’ve been producing for a while and am very well aware of the benefits of making my own kits and sounds. I have few :slight_smile:

I’m simply just looking for some DT packs that come with kits.

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If you’re talking official elektron soundpacks, I don’t think any of the dt pack have kits. The all say just samples on the product pages. Other soundpacks for other machines specify if they are samples or presets or both.

I was wondering this. Is there sound packs that actually have SOUNDS (sample + params) not just samples for the digitakt?

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The MS samplepacks has I think. But then of course 6 track only

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Electronisounds pack is 1000 Sounds and they’re generally awesome: https://www.electronisounds.com/digitakt-packs/all-digitakt-packs-bundle-over-1000-sounds-for-digitakt

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Id love the same thing!! I am not good a programing patterns into the takt.

You might have a look at that pack with patterns then:

Yes I was hoping to find these too and unlike previous replies, I think not including projects for kits is an oversight. Take this kit for example:

There’s an obvious way these kits do fit together by default, namely by machine. Chances are each on us have all those 808 and 909 sound already sampled on their HD, maybe even from Samples on Mars. So the actual added value would be that the kits are prearranged, ready to play on the Digitakt.

Because making a really good bank of kits actually takes me a half a day, that I will not spend making music but organizing samples instead, which makes the first part of interacting with your Digitakt a little like filing your Taxes : ) So I think prearranged kits in project files would actually add value here.

Is there no folder hierarchy for the 2323 sample pack?

I’m on day 5 with Elektron and Digitakt and am just trying to get familiar with what’s out there, including if there’s anything Digitakt specific about these packs.

I have tons of samples from the years (even the Samples From Mars samples) including the ones I’ve recorded and designed myself.