Digitakt Sound SysEx dump

On the Digitone, there is an option to backup Sounds with SysEx to your computer, as well as import Sounds. On the Digitakt, it seems like you can only import/export Samples with Transfer. SysEx only seems to work with project and patterns. The Sound Pool would get saved with the project in a SysEx dump.

I want to start using Sounds on the Digitakt instead of just Samples to leverage the Sound Pool, but I would like to have a good way to back things up if I’m going to spend more time making Sounds out of Samples. But is there really still no way to dump Sound Banks from the Digitakt to the computer??? Am I missing something obvious?

If you don’t use Catalina use C6, or sysex librarian if you do, or Windows dump app. Etc

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@avantronica @nyx9000

This does NOT answer my question. I already knew about backing up Samples and Projects, as I said in my original question. What I’m asking about is SOUND banks, not samples or projects. As far as I can tell, this is not possible. In the Digitone Manual 14.4.1 SYSEX SEND, you see a screenshot that I’ve attached, indicating that the Sounds can be selected in the SYSEX SEND menu. In the screenshot in the Digitakt manual, 15.4.1 SYSEX SEND, you can see the second screenshot, where you can see that there is no option to send Sounds.

The Digitakt can receive Sounds, as you see in 15.4.2 SYSEX RECEIVE though. I guess that’s because Elektron needs to be able to send Sounds to the device so they can sell Sound packs, but there’s no financial incentive for backups…

Hopefully this is something that is coming soon though, because it feels unfinished as it is32 04

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yeah man, I see what you mean now, it does seem like something’s just missing here. (I also thought the Ricky Tinez video covered exporting Sounds (as well as Samples and Projects), I guess I was wrong.

It’s weird, Elektron doesn’t sell Sound Packs as far as I can tell, they only sell packs of samples. For example, this is called a “Sound Pack” but it’s really just a set of .wav files: Samples.

In fact the Electronisounds DT Sound Packs are the only ones I’ve ever come across anywhere. Has anyone ever found or made any others?

I also wonder how this works for sounds the Rytm when backing up and saving projects
this seems Elektrons least strong point, though the Octatrack is easily backed up…
and digitone and Analog four only need sysex backup
Have you checked The Elk herd app ?
Great for digitakt but only supports sample transfer on Rytm

yes, big fan of elk herd! That really was a big difference for me, inter-project copy was massive

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