Digitakt: Sync playback with DAW/Reaper

Hey Elektronauts!

I could not find an answer in the forum’s or on YouTube, but if someone has a link to a tutorial of some sort feel free to post it :sunglasses:

Here is the long and short about what I am looking to achieve: Hit play on the digitakt and automatically have any tracks recorded in my reaper session start along with the DT. Ideally, be able to play/record guitar or keys into my DAW while the digitakt plays along. Synced playback between DT and DAW tracks, synced tempo, ability to record other instruments into the DAW along side playback.

I use the DT and DN for arranging and songwriting with other artists, and I think this kind of setup would add alot of possibilities to my recording/studio workflow. No it is not a necessity, and yes I understand the DT is primarily used for in the box writing and performance. I love that side of the Elektron gear, but would love to learn more about its DAW integration potential.

Thank you :otter::otter::otter:

Bumping this! Am I out to lunch?


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you haven’t heard about overbridge? all possible but you would have to press play on the daw

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Amazing! I actually haven’t had the correct operating system to be able to run overbridge properly. Also, I did not realize that overbridge could do exactly what I was looking for in terms of clock controlling the DAW project along side the DT/DN.

Thank you! I’ll tune back in here with my results.

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it would be best to have your daw be the master clock,
overbridge will sync your DN, DT to the daw
you will have better results as overbridge syncs really well