Digitakt + Tr-8s........ Or not

Hello everyone!!
Here is my concern. My actual setup consists of a Digitakt, a Tr-8s and an analog four mk2. But at this point I feel like it’s too many tracks and maybe it would be better to focus on just two machines.
Anyone having the Tr-8(s) coupled with the Digitakt? If so, how do you deal with all thoses tracks to get the most of the two machines at the same time?

I thought about selling the tr8s and just use the digitakt for drums, vocals and other sampling stuff, but then i would not have enough tracks for samples with just the digitakt. Maybe i could sequence a circuit with it for 4 extra samples and even 2 poly synths. What do you guys think??

Thanks a lot for your answers!!


PS: I’m keeping the A4 in any case

I have a similar set up. Octatrack, Tr8-S and Lyra.
The previous iteration was Octatrack, TR-09 and EMX1.
Both iterations have the same concept.
1 sampler for textures and atmosphere (with resampling scenes)
1 drum machine for all things drum
1 synth.

I would say give each machine a dedicated job, so for example, dont use digitakt for drums if your drum machine is already doing that.
I choose to use a dedicated drum machine for beats as I feel using my OT for beats is a waste of the OTs potential.

That may or may not help…

I use TR-8S for basic drums and Digitakt for synth samples. They work very well together.

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