Digitakt - triggering Sounds

quick question. Is it possible to somehow trigger sounds from the sound pool from a controller, or are they only available as trigger options in the sequencer?


You can change sample slots with a midi cc and trigger the sound with midi notes.
Some controllers can send both messages with the same button, a midi processor can do the job.

You can trigger 64 slices with midi notes.

thank you, the slicing mode is of course an option, but in this case I‘m interested in sounds from the pool.
The CC method seems interesting since you could accomplish this with the retrokits cable on the DTs MIDI tracks.
The code should send a CC first followed by the played note.

Do you think the DT is fast enough to interpret all sound parameters before playing the sound?

I remember trying something similar before Slicing was a thing (don‘t know exactly what I did). My goal was to set a sample slot and afterwards play the note value, however it triggered the previous sample first in some cases, especially when playing fast.

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It’s not possible to do what you can on digitone … setup a list of sounds and have each one play from a key … sort of like a kit .

I’m talking specifically sounds , not samples or slices .

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yeah, unfortunately it seems only the sample slot is mapped to cc, but not the sound slot

Yes, no Multi Map…
I missed the Soundpool part.

Not sure, Midi bandwith limits. And that would require a lot of work.

I didn’t use DT soundpool yet, I’m not really interested in as I was with DN. I would tend to resample and make sample chains.