Digitakt: Tuning samples without changing sample speed?

I fear the DT can’t do this, but I thought I’d ask here to be sure… Is it possible to tune a sample without changing its speed?



You could get near with pseudo granular technique, though this can sound choppy depending on the sample. Set a short (0.5-1.5) length with loop enabled and set slow LFO with ONE/HALF mode to Sample Start. Worth a try but won’t come close to Ableton or OT timestretch.

I use this for getting granular textures, but won’t work if you want it to sound clean time stretched with just pitch altered.


Oh wow, that’s some smart trickery right there! Definitely worth the experiment, thanks for the inspiration @dustmotes!

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…oh…i’ll give this a try, too…

love the glitch, once u overstretch in ot…never thought about bad time stretch like sounds for dtakt yet…
lfo’s…what an endless source of possebilties…