Digitakt unresponsive

Digitakt not respond at all once project open what is the fix freaking out right now

Check the manual for debug mode.

I believe you can access it by holding function while you power up the device

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It says 0 errors all buttons seem to be fine the one/kick button makes the page fully glow which could be led function. The reason i think this is that it works when double key pressed such as track 1. it can see it. The system loads up but no project gets loaded or buttons respond. This is bad shizzz

scary now it not start at all

That’s one for Elektron support. Create or log in to your account on Elektron.se and raise a new support ticket. Include the full exception error details and see what they say.


Just done that there here’s to hoping :smile: :frowning: scary as


She is back on now! Thank to elektron for fast support! Heart attack avoided for a bit lol now I get to start backing up all my projects and samples now! Great as I’m currently backing up my computer Ssds too! Need a cloud I think! Factory reset sorted it for now if it breaks live I know how to get it to operate again I hope.


Thanks guys for help and love

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glad you reanimated it…

any info on why it happened and what exactly happened? to avoid same things in a future…

It’s being investigated, maybe receiving to much midi info! They think it could have related to to much info being sent through the stargate. I think myself it was related to my laptop switching to a hd screen and back and fourth between sound cards like digitakt to laptop speaker then tv speakers while it was suppose to be digitakt alone! Wierd shizney! I’m currently backing up still it’s fun as 50 more projects to go! Will keep ep posted if any more info comes up!!!

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thnx !