Digitakt volume issue (bad pot?)

I’ve searched the forum and was unable to locate another post exactly describing my issue.

I recently purchased my DT used and did not put together that I was experiencing an issue at first. Unless the master volume on my unit is turned all the way up, the output is nearly inaudible. Between 3 and 4 o’clock (just under all the way up), there is heavy distortion and the output is unusable. The issue is present regardless of using headphones or direct in to monitors. Test mode does not identify any errors however moving the volume pot around in this mode does not trigger any kind of response. I have opened a support ticket, but was curious if anyone has experienced an issue like this. I’ve seen one other thread where a similar issue was discussed but not very extensively and the problem did not sound to me exactly like what I am experiencing. I can provide audio samples if needed.

I have the same issue. Volume pot is the only potentiometer (not encoder) on the device, and mine is also “scratchy”, i. e. produces same kind of noise that you described when turning it.

Authorized service is not available in the country of my current location, I asked Elektron to send\buy a replacement encoder from them, but didn’t receive a reply regarding it. Probably should open another support ticket

i had the same issue with the scratchy volume, opened a ticket with support and sent it to sweden for fix. took around 2 weeks for the repair.


Sending to Sweden isn’t an option for me unfortunately, since I’m in South-East Asia at the moment. The issue itself doesn’t bother me too much coz I don’t play live, but I’d like to get it fixed eventually still.

One guy told me he fixed it by spraying a bit of this inside, I haven’t tried it by myself though


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Yikes don’t spray that inside your Digitakt!!! Don’t do this!!!


Just out of curiosity, about how long did it take to receive an initial response after opening your ticket?

It was quick - but this was before they changed their support ticket system, which in my experience has been subpar ever since.


Bummer to hear that. I guess now I’ll just play the waiting game. At least I can still use it in the meantime if I just dime the volume and adjust levels via my mixer.

Lol contact cleaner and deoxit are two very different things. Would not recommend.

Well they got back to me in less than 24 hours requesting audio samples, so things are looking good as far as that goes.

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