Digitakt with FX pedal and Tascam Portastudio

Hello everyone! I’m considering buying a Digitakt, along with an Avalanche Run pedal (EarthQuaker) and a Tascam Portastudio. I would like to ask you how would you route these three things, so that the signal from the Digitakt passes through the Avalanche Run and, from there, to the Portastudio, to finally process everything in Ableton. If it were not like that, how else would you route them? On the other hand, is it possible to apply the FX pedal to a single channel of the Digitakt? I await your answers. Thank you very much.

The Digitakt has only one stereo output (L and R jacks). These will go straight into the stereo inputs of the avalanche run, the output of which can go straight into your Tascam.

You won’t be able to send a single channel to the reverb, unfortunately.

If you don’t mind all your stuff being in mono, you can route one output straight to the Portastudio and another through the effects. You can then pan the relevant channels fully left or fully right to ‘separate’ them.

Just gonna say that the DT’s built in reverb and delay are really, really nice sounding. I’d suggest something like an Analog Heat or Strymon Deco instead!

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Thank you very much, Siege! I will take your recommendation. Indeed, instead of the Avalanche Run (as much as I love that pedal), I could go for something different. Apart from what you say, I think of a Warped Vinyl MKII, although, in that case, the Portastudio might be redundant.