Digitakt without overbridge

I have 32u of Eurorack which would make great sample fodder for the digitakt.
However I’ve read that overbridge is not supported on Xeon Mac Pros, I own a 2008 8core Xeon Mac Pro and have no intention of renewing as it has plenty of grunt.

So to the question, is digitakt worth buying if you can’t use overbridge ?

How would I send my ideas from Digitakt to Mac, I know I could record in real time to my Daw but is there some type of export system ?

you could resample, but that’d be pretty time consuming.

so other than that, just recording from the stereo outs (this is how i plan on using it).

Far from ideal, but with so much processing power you could run a VM with Windows :sweat_smile:

A VM with macOS is also possible but it won’t have decent hardware acceleration as Apple has some sort of protection against that. At least, Parallels can not run a macOS VM that’s usable for music stuff. It’ll be too sluggish.

There might be other options though. I’m not a macOS virtualisation expert. But you got enough CPU power to virtualise an OS easily, in the worst case Windows 10 just for Ableton.

You could do the hack job update to run Sierra as I have done, there’s a patch for it to make it work. I’ve done this, on my 2008 Xeon Mac Pro.

Digitakt is great but if you want to mix your tracks down in a DAW as I do, then we need overbridge to get the stems.

Should we have to pay for overbridge? No we should’nt.

I totally forgot about this even though I did the same on my iMac. The patched installer works flawlessly and updates can also be installed using the tool.


Thanks for the feedback guys.

If I update my OS to sierra then my Apogee Duet FireWire is no longer supported,

Everywhere i turn there’s a dead end waiting lol

It seems you can run El Capitan al well. Might be harder without a patch app. But you can try it and install to an sdcard or usb and boot from it to test. Once it works and you made backups you can try upgrading the existing install