Digitakt won't play long sample?

I have a HiHat loop I want to trigger with the Digitakt. I have set the LEN parameter to 64. The preview of the sample plays correctly. But after loading the sample into a track, it becomes a one-shot when trigging the track or placing a trig in the sequencer.

I can’t figure out what, other than trig length (which is already at 64), could be affecting it.

it’s likely you need to make the length parameter higher. 64 is not the max length and I don’t believe it means 64 steps.

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thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately still only sounds as a one-shot

Did you set the amp envelopes?


And set it to loop?


Yes sample Playmode and Sample Length must be adjusted too. Check Page 39 in the english Manual. Sample Length ranges from 0.00 to 120.00

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set amp release to max value. if it’s still not playing through, also set hold parameter to a high end value.


Bingo - amp envelope was squashed from a previous sample I had there! THANKS


Thanks, loop would not have made a difference as I only wanted the long sample to trigger once. It was the amp envelope.

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It was the amp env. :slight_smile: