Digitakt won't preview samples? 1.08

After recording a sampling… I press Fun+Yes to preview what i just sampled… it won’t play the sample. I can see the waveform but it won’t play it?? This use to work properly…

Is this a known bug in 1.08 or am i missing something simple here?

Mine did this yesterday, but it started working again after I had assigned the sample and played around a bit. Assumed I’d made some kind of user error but it could well be a bug!

Its likely that you have a midi channel selected, samples need an audio channel to be heard.


I think I figured it out… I had a MIDI track selected…
I selected track 1 (kick) and now I can here it…

Thanks for the quick reply…


Yes… that was it… Thank you.


you are a legend dude


@Elektron I think you could improve the UX here. (I hope this is an OK place to post this feedback?)

Recently I’ve been using a Digitakt midi track to control a modular synth, and then capturing its output back into the Digitakt sampler. So, I’m normally on the midi track when I enter the sampler.

It was at first quite confusing that I could hear the sound when monitoring, but not hear it when I hit Func+Yes to preview. It seems like if the hardware is capable of monitoring when a midi track is active then it should also be capable of previewing?

I can understand how of course I can’t actually save the sample to the midi track, but in this workflow I don’t want to do that, I only want to capture and then preview to make sure it’s OK.

Ideally, Fn+Yes would still preview the sample when a midi track is active.

If for some reason that can’t be done then it would at least be nice to show a warning on the screen that you need to select an audio track rather than silently doing nothing.

I was about to return my DT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After reporting it to support, I got this reply:

“This is a known bug, and we are working on a fix for a future update. Currently, the active track is used for the preview, and if a MIDI track is the active track - the sample can naturally not be played back.”

Keep fingers crossed!