Digital Cymbal Machine sounds dull

Cy Alloy is actually cool. Really cool.
If it wouldn’t sound so dull and lo-fi and have a character that really puts me off. I want my cymbals and hihats to be brillant, just like real cymbals, hihats and rides are. Hence I use it for anything but, and instead the analog machines, Sy Tone or Sy Bits.

Gregory Coleman’s “Amen” Break and Atsushi Hoshiai’s TR909 cymbals* are great examples for (still not hifi) but brillant sounding hihats, rides etc. that make everyone happy including me.

It would be wonderful if Syntakt would get a new cymbal machine, inspired by such sounds - they have the technology already (Machinedrum)!


(Since some of the ideas expressed in the “Chord Machine sounds dull” thread have been introduced in amazing FW updates, perhaps this deserves its own thread, so i made this.)

*Roland Engineering: Atsushi Hoshiai and the TR-909 - Roland Articles - how have I always wondered who’s hand hit who’s cymbal in millions of tracks!


I too hope for another digital cymbal and hat. To my ear the culprits are the Radio and Shimmer frequencies, and I was recently trying FMing them both with the LFOs at 2k rates to make them sound noisier.

The best I’ve gotten for a hat, followed by (grimace) a cymbal:

I’m curious about others’ best strategies for hats on Syntakt generally, on the alloy machine or otherwise…


Don’t know if that’ll sound cool on the Syntakt, but on the Rytm AMing hat and cymbal machines helps. I usually use a square wave lfo at 2k, a little depth helps with brightening up, a little more goes into distortion territory.


Yes, I also fm’d alloy with the LFO, this is one of my best:

… does actually sound like a cymbal ringing out. Here’s nother one without LFO usage:

… still both have some of this weird plastic “shhhh” quality left, instead of “sssss” :stuck_out_tongue:

… and a SY TONE hihat …