Digital Geist - Mecha

Alex from Digital Geist here. After a long time working on it, I wanted to let you know that I have a 4-track EP named Mecha available for pre-order!
“Mecha” is the ninth release from electro musician Digital Geist. The four-track EP highlights the future of DG music with abrasive industrial breakbeats coupled with symphonic strings and ripping acid basslines. Live dates are currently being finalized.

100% of funds received (including pre-order) through September 7 will be donated to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey relief

Pre-order is available ($3US or more) now and includes instant download of the track “Underwater” here:

Official release is Friday, September 1 on iTunes, Spotify and other digital retailers.


Sounds good, man!

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Thanks so much! Hoping to get some more live gigs in the books too…hear some kids yell “get off the stage old man”

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“Underwater” sounds already amazing! I like the rolling style of it. Is this what you call EBM?? :smiley: I dont know this music genre, have to research a bit …

Anyway. That first track sounds really awesome! If the rest holds up to this quality, i might get a copy - before September, 7 :wink:

Well…I’m sure a purist would disagree, and maybe “Underwater” doesn’t 100% fit the genre but other tracks on there sure do - “God Save Us All” would be a great example of what I think is EBM when I hear it. You’ll have to wait until release on Friday to hear it though! You can listen then via stream if you still aren’t sold on the EP. :wink:
IMHO (completely biased of course), it’s worth the $3US. Less than a pint at most pubs!

Yay, now it’s up on Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Bandcamp…you name it! You should be able to preview each track full-length on Bandcamp.
I’ll sit back and watch the millions pour into my bank account now.


If anybody is in the Boston, MA area, I’ll be opening for Front 242 on Saturday. The show I think is sold out already, tix were on Ticketmaster…