Digitone 1.2 - DSP Boot Failure

Hi everyone. I’ve been loving the new update and am ecstatic they finally added portamento.
But I am surprised to still be getting DSP boot failures id say as often as 1 out of 3 boot ups.
I expected this to be fixed by now.
Is anyone else still experiencing this issue?


(I think I wrote about this in some other thread, but it might have been buried a bit.)

1.20 issued a fix for this that solved it for most units out there, but unfortunately it seems that some still have this issue.

It’s a very complex problem, and we’ll keep on tackling it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Oops, I should have dug a bit more.
No worries. It’s good to have an update. Just making sure theres nothing wrong with the unit itself.
Many thanks!

I just started getting dsp boot failure messages, it happens every time I turn the digitone on. Most recent firmware is installed. No help from elektron so far.