Digitone and Arturia Minilab 3 Mapping

Hello DigiPeople,

So I got my Digitone 15 days ago to pair it with the MODX8, a fascinating machine and reasonably easy to work around as I have some solid FM synthesis background.

I then bought an Arturia Minilab 3 Midi controller so I can better explore the sounds, record on DAW and as more convenient portable solution than having hook the Digitone to 7 octaves…

The Minilab 3 keyboard (needs 5V 500mA to work, or hooked to the compter’s USB port) works fine with the Digi, its arpeggiator, Hold, chord mode, and pitch ribbons work as well.

However, it seems like the knobs and faders are randomly assigned CCs that are different with each pattern or sound.
For example, in some patterns the fourth fader will trigger the master Reverb, and in other cases it would affect the algorithms…

Holding down SHIFT and some of the Pads on the Minilab would trigger Layers and change the sound’s gain sometimes, it’s total chaos.

So, I was wondering if there is any thread, advice, method that helps with MIDI mapping the Minilab’s faders and knobs to the Digitone so the Digi receives these CCs and I can make the most of this little keyboard.

Thank you for your help,


Hello! First step id take is to open midi CC values at the back of Digitones manual, and set everything up through Arturia MIDI Control Center.

Hot tip: if you set your CCs for fraders and knobs to auto midi channel of DN (10 by default), they will controll whichever track you have selected on the DN.

Same goes for keys and pads, you can either adress a separate midi channel for a track and it will always trigger that specific one, or set to auto and it will play selected channel.


What Prog mode do you have the Minilab 3 in? By default it has Arturia mode for controlling Analog Lab V and DAW mode for Ableton Live and other DAWs. I think you need to use the Arturia software as @comradecry said. You can use it to configure different user modes which don’t show on the unit until they’ve been configured.

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Thank you! That was the most polite way to remind me that I should open the User’s manual :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the hot tip as well, very useful. I got the manual and I will try this today

Indeed @peaceful, I used the Minilab in DAW mode and as @comradecry pointed I will map through the MIDI Control Center and align the CCs for the Digi and all should run smooth.
Thanks guys