Digitone and Digitakt MIDI/USB for quick unplugging etc?

I recently got a Digitakt to pair with my Digitone, and I have a few questions about the differences between MIDI types.

I would be happy just hooking them up to Ableton via MIDI, connecting my X-Key keyboard (USB only) to the Mac, and going from there.

But often I play without Ableton. And equally often I like to grab a Digi, take it away from my desk, and use it with headphones and a battery pack.

So, my questions are to do with moving between these three options: with Ableton, both together standalone on desk, one box alone. I would like to minimize the amount of unplugging and replugging.

One option is to have the DN, DT, and USB keyboard connected to a USB hub, and plug that hub into either the Mac (for Ableton), or into an iConnect midi host that’s on the desk.

The pros here are that it’s one plug for midi, and for Overbridge on the Mac. The downside is that I have to change the DN/DT Overbridge setting in the USB settings every time.

Another option is to hook up DIN MIDI cables between the boxes, but then I have to unplug them whenever I use one of the boxes on its own, on my lap or wherever.

The advantage is that I can leave the DT and DN in Overbridge mode permanently.

I wonder how you all have things set up for when you just want to grab a box and move elsewhere?

You can make two config, one with Ob and other with out it and change only this

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I solved this in a surprising way.

I have plugged the Digitone, Digitakt, and usb midi keyboard into Retrokits RK-005 midi host, all via a USB hub.

Surprisingly, even when in Overbridge mode, everything works, even though no computer is involved. Clock, transport, mutes, and notes are all passed between the Digis.

The keyboard speaks to both. I just switch it to the appropriate auto channel.

This works very well, and to record, I just plug the USB hub into the Mac.

Audio goes from Digitone to Digitakt via a couple of balanced cables.