Digitone Arp Bug?

So I’ve just encountered something weird with the DN arp (1.30).

I have pattern 1-4 that are running the arp on sound 4 and then pattern 9-12 take over use of the arp on sound 3. My pattern is 16 steps. When the pattern 1-4 switches to 9-12, I turn the arp off and vice versa.

I switch from pattern 1/2/3/4 to pattern to pattern 9/10/11/12, the previous sound continues and even transposes…for 48 steps and then stops. It’s very weird and very frustrating, made even weirder by the fact that sound 3 is different for 1-4 and 9-12, so if I switch back to 1/2/3/4, I still hear the sound 3 of 9/10/11/12 (for 48 steps)

I have checked that there are no triggers on the pattern. Has anyone else come across this/have a solution?

Your Pattern CH.LEN or M.LEN must be at 64. Change it to 16 and check what it does.


10.9 Scale menu

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Thank you for the response and the welcome. The pattern lengths are all set to 16 steps too :frowning:

Check your note lengths. I’m not at my Digitone but I think if notes (arps especially) are long enough, they’ll continue into the next pattern.


FUNC+PAGE to go in the Scale menu

FUNC+ YES to go Per Track

You did go in the Per Track menu?

It’s not a scale menu issue this time (for once!)

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I’ve not switched it on but I think you’re 100% correct with note lengths, I pasted the original trigger for the 64 step sequence length before I shortened it to 16 steps. The maths adds up. Thank you so much, it would have bugged me for the rest of time