Digitone arp "freewheeling "?

Just checking: When a sound with an arp is triggered, that arp keeps going until it finishes unless voice stealing applies?

For example: a sound has a sixteen step arp, triggers on 1, 2, 3 would create 3 parallel voices on steps 4 through 16?

Thanks! just researching before buying!

Arp works similar to monophonic synths, it cycles through current notes while they are playing.

In your example: if trigger length is say 24, then arpeggiator would start at step one. on step two it would cycle between notes on triggers one and two (triggers can be chords). And on step three to 24 it would cycle notes on triggers 1-3. And after 26 it would stop. Lenght of the arp pattern (whatevervitnis called) doesnt affect how long the arp is playing.

Things get messier though when you introduce soundlocks that have arpeggiator… and one propably could achieve what you are describing

Thanks for the reply what do you mean by "trigger length " ?

So to get the overlapping effect you woul need separate sound locks on the three triggers in a row?

Tested it. Actually it doesnt with sound lock either. A new soundlock with arpeggiator cuts out any arpeggiated notes that came before. So for arpeggios to overlap you would need to use separate tracks.

Trigger length = how long a trigger plays. Ie a trigger on step 1 with length 4 would keep playing until step 5.

AFAIK, there can only be one Arp active at once, on each of the 4 Digitone internal channels.

Thanks all for checking it out!

I will have to watch Ivar Tryti’s video again, I thought he used this technique which I was just imagining :wink:


He seems to be really maxing out that one arp per track limitation.

He does it well I think. Delay fx helps.

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