DigiTone as MIDI interface into Reaper

Hi all, not sure if this is already dealt with somewhere here.
I want to use my Digitone as a MIDI interface into my Mac.
I have an M-AUDIO keyboard controller plugged into the Digitone via MIDI DIN.
Digitone is connected to the Mac via USB MIDI.
In Reaper I can control Digitone with the M AUDIO, but I can’t play any VST plugins, as Reaper won’t see the MIDI input from the M AUDIO.
Is this a Digitone setting? Or a Reaper setting?


Revising a dead horse here, but you need to enable the DT as a MIDI input in Reaper, and you need to make sure that the DT is configured to send MIDI out e.g. that the encoders don’t just keep their values internally.

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