Digitone: assigning LFO to arp/sequencer parameters

Hi all

I’m considering buying a Digitone, but am not sure the MIDI sequencer is going to tick all the boxes for me. Is it possible on the Digitone to assign an LFO to arp parameters such as offset and rate, like you can on OT?

In a word, no. Do you have an OT? Because you can send midi arp from that

Thanks Craig.

Nope, no OT. Have owned in the past, being able to assign the LFO to sequencer and arp functions was my fav feature.

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Indeed no you cannot.
OT arp and its LFOs is amazing. That’s why I control my digitone from the OT. Also means I can tweak the digitone synth voices and change patterns at the same time without it all going weird.


Any workaround not to lose DN´s p-locks?

That’s the beauty of sequencing Digitone from OT. You can stil plock the digitone even though its arp controlled by OT. 5 lfos per track? Seperate note and automation sequences? OT seriously expands the capabilities of the Digitone. But then it does kind of have that effect on everything it touches…


Could anybody provide some (sound) examples of using LFO and arp? It sounds really interesting but I have never used it and cannot imagine how that exactly sounds.

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Can you use p-locks (trigless-whatever-they-re-called-on-the-DTo-locks) on steps that receive a note from another sequencer?


If they´re only lock trigs they won´t have any effect over the incoming MIDI notes.

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Ok now I must go try this amazing discovery! Thanks for sharing


Yeah, custom LFO modulating custom arp, how crazy is that! Plus P-Locks!

Not yet sure how to use these complex possibilities in a musical way, but will try it some day.

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I’ve recently acquired an Empress Zoia and it’s capabilities are immense. It can totally function as a LFO spitting monster.
Haven’t tried but the LFO module uses pretty small amount of cpu so you could probably run a ton of them at once.

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I thought about getting the Digitone and using OT for sequencing several times, but without kits I wasn‘t sure if I should really get one.
This changes everything^^

It doesn‘t work with the Analog Keys. Trigless locks just have no effect, when I press a trig with a trigless lock down, I can hear the effect of the lock. Which is kinda weird, but actually pretty cool. 64 different p-locks per pattern that can be played basically. (though I still think I had it working once. People keep telling me it doesn‘t work, so probaply just faulty memory^^).

It shouldn’t work, external control/sequencing always overrides the internal sequencer on elektron boxes.

Yeah it does change everything.
I like to tweak a synth voice and change patterns, if you do that with digitone in solo, your synth patch will snap to the next settings as saved in the next pattern.
Sequencing notes and arps from OT, overcomes this, you can progress through patterns on the OT and have a free patch floating on the digitone. DigitoneLock trigs still work. Eg, open a filter, open delay sends, move an operator envelope etc

I haven’t tried mapping the 2 pages of CCs to digitone yet, but in theory you can have one hell of a lot of Plocks going in, coupled with conditional trigs, LFOs …

The digitone arp is cool, but next the octa arp …yeah its just an arp. :wink:


That’s the way I use them, but the p-locks in the Digitone have no effect.

Hi! Quick question; I am considering running it like this as well but how does this work in practice? If you sequence the DN from the OT so you have the extra LFO’s (I really want a Note LFO, DN doesn’t have one) do you then place the trigs on the DN? Or on the OT?

In this case, do your note sequencing from the OT.

You still have the option to place trigless locks (press func+trig) on the DN sequencer. As I described.

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