Digitone blank page per voice


Just wondering if it’s possible when you start up the digitone it starts with a blank page, saw wave or whatever and then start building the sound from there? I imagine it is… but i’ve literally not seen that it’s possible in any videos i’ve seen. Just like you would with any poly synth I guess…

Can’t seem to find this information anywhere, videos I have seen all seem like you have to start from a ‘patch’ if that makes sense. Anyway, probs stupid question but hey ho


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An empty pattern in the Digitone consists of 4 ‘init’ patches, which is a sine wave by default.

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Machine always starts with that pattern or project you last used. But you can make a project with a blank page and saw wave and load it up very fast after start up? Different templates for different days/moods? That’ what i do.


Good news. So 4 voices, each with their own filters, envelopes bla bla… each one can be ‘init’ so blank as they come and you can build from there?

I’m keen hehe

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This video from 45:38 shows sound design from scratch:

yeah 5 mins in with this guy and i’m bored…


Good luck with the Digitone then…


Ok, it’s not entertainment at a high level but very informative :slight_smile: