Digitone Bug? Inconsistency

Hello my friends! I have encountered an issue with my Digitone and would greatly appreciate some advice. I have been an Elektron user for a few years, I love the machines and I want to figure this out.

I have two Trigs that are not making a consistent sound. When I hold the trig and press yes to hear how it sounds, it is either a nice clean tone (the one that I want) or a distorted scratchy sound. I hold the trig and press yes a few times and it will switch between the nice sound and the distorted sound. It is the same when I press play and hear the sounds in the pattern.

There is no Lfo. There is no parameter locked lfo’s. Filter trig and lfo trig on or off doesn’t affect the issue. I have removed any parameter locks for these trigs.

Most often what will happen is I hold trig press yes it will make the distorted sound until I press yes really fast while holding the trig and then it will make the clean tone. I press play and it will play the clean tone the first time, then the second time around back to the distorted tone.

Please help me make the blip bloops I have a show coming up and my bloops need to be tight thank you!!!

It might be this …


Thanks for your reply ! I did mess around with this , I think I tried setting it to the off position. Is there a position you would recommend trying?

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… try “ALL”!

Try activating those two (in addition) as well:

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Problem Fixed! :slight_smile: Thank you so so much :pray:

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Have you understood what this does?
The manual is rather clear IMO but maybe a more detailed explanation would be needed?