Digitone: changes in MIDI config not working

The MIDI channels as set for MIDI track 1-4 seems locked and will not recognize any changes I make to them. Even if I change all the channels to OFF, they still send MIDI on those original channels as I saved within this project.

Is there a setting I need to change to allow new MIDI config changes to be working as I set them to be?

Ok. After some more tinkering, I see that if I change the MIDI chan right on the SYN1 main screen with the FUNC+Press Encoder A, for each MIDI track 1-4 then it will reflect the new channel as I want it to be.

But in MIDI config the Channels don’t match up and are different than what I set them to be on the main screen. Why the difference?

I had the same issue…you set a CC [lets say] or change a channel. it won’t werk…then it will. after talking with Olle…he told me that in order for changes to midi setting to become active you need to set a TRIG. you can set a TRIGLESS TRIG [FUNC+TRIG] and that will werk.

give that a try.

[I could have sworn in previous OS’s that you didn’t need to do that. but it is what it is]

The Digitone has 8 tracks: 4 are used for sequencing its internal sound generators and 4 are used for sequencing external gear using MIDI messages.

You set the MIDI channel numbers on which the MIDI tracks will transmit their outgoing MIDI messages in the SYN1 (also known as MIDI Source) pages. These settings are stored in each individual pattern.

You set the MIDI channel numbers on which the synth tracks and MIDI tracks respond to incoming MIDI messages (for example, playing from an external keyboard) in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > CHANNELS sub-menu. See page 62 of the manual. These settings are stored globally for the project.

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