Digitone Clicks?

Hi there,

I’ve noticed some random very loud click noises right at the beginning when starting a sequence. This only happens when the levels from the inputs are turned up (greater than 0). I’m routing my Digitakt through the inputs from the Digitone and it would be a shame to give up this minimal setup and plug them into my mixer.

Is this a bug or something you can avoid somehow?

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I have the same problem. Having read your post, I experimented and found that the frequency of getting clicks (which are at the beginning of the pattern) is quite random but wholly dependant on the external input levels being raised. the volume of the click increases with raising the input level. Also, it still happens when the input source (my Digitakt - like you) is actually switched off. It is clearly a function of the external input on the Digitone I have also had a couple of identical clicks when pressing ‘stop’ but not often.

Yes, I also tried completely removing the Digitakt, pulling the cables, editing the internal MIDI config but nothing worked. Only when I set the input to 0 it stopped clicking.

Yes known issue they are working on it. I actually get it without the inputs as well even when attack is super long/slow. I think some people get it when running arp too.

Just done a bit more fiddling! It doesn’t even matter if there is nothing plugged in to the inputs. It’s entirely a function of raising the input levels above ‘0’. At a practical level, as you say, is to simply take the Digitakt to the mixer rather than via the Digitone until such time as there is a fix. I assume someone has raised a ticket?

Hey ho.

I did, it’s in the digitone bug’s thread. There’s also another entire thread about this issue.

thx guys

Indeed. And here is the bug thread :diddly:

@horrrsing Please take the time to make a quick research before creating a new thread.
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Besides it keeps everything in the same place, avoid duplicate answers, etc… Makes it more convenient for everyone !

Thank you for your understanding.