Digitone detune when synced to Ableton?

Hi everyone,

When i try to sync the DN to get the Clock and Transport messages from Ableton, the DN always detune that i’ve to shot down the Ableton to the DN go back in tune. With the same config, i connect the DN to the OT everything works OK.

Is this normal?

Is there any automation in Ableton Live that’s been sent to Digitone?

Does this still happen if you only send Clock (disable “Track” and “Remote” for the Digitone Midi Out port in preferences)?

Thank you for your help, it works now


On Ableton
Control Surface : Mackie Control
Input : Digitone
Output : None (The problem is Here)

MIDI Ports
Input : Mackie Control Input Digitone, Track, Sync and Remote : On or Off
Output : Digitone, Track and Remote : Off, Sync : On or Off

Clock Receive (Y)
Clock Send (N)
Prog Ch Send and Receive (N, normally i don’t use it)