Digitone/Digitakt/Arturia Keystep note input problem

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my setup is a exact copy of this video Digitakt, Digitone, & Keystep Setup Guide // MIDI Quickstart Tutorial - YouTube

Digitakt is the brain, midi from it goes to the Digitone, keystep goes to the input of the digitakt.

Now when i press rec and go into step mode, hold a trigger and push a note on the keystep Digitakt recognizes this and records the step i just made

On the digitone everything works except it doesn’t record the note input from the keystep like on the Digitakt

Thank you in advance :smiley:


you have to configure a midi track on the digitakt for each of the digitone tracks, and make sure you’ve selected that track to play it with the keystep.

Its setup that way, tracks 9 10 11 and 12 on the digitakt have been setup to control the digitone and that works i can chose them and they play the corresponding digitone sounds.

but inputting the notes from the keystep via pressing the trigger and pushing the note on the keystep doesnt work

Set up just one digitakt midi channel to auto channel 10.
Use midi Thru instead of midi out from digikakt to digitone in.

Select syn track on digitone, go for your life.

Using midi out wont work in the way you want, because digitakt isn’t sending the midi notes, keystep is. So if you use midi thru instead, then the midi notes sent from the keystep, pass through the digitakt midi track, and arrive all warm and happy inside the fuzzy digital belly of your digitone.


Thank you very much, switching it to midi through worked ! :smiley:

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