Digitone/Digitakt supply voltage range?

I’ve seen lots of posts about supplying the DT/DN using USB power packs and up-converters but I would rather use something a bit more robust like a LiPo/LiFePo4 battery. Getting these chemistries dead on 12V isn’t possible without a DC-DC converter so, before I try adding in one of those, does anyone know if the maximum DC voltage for the DT/DN is documented anywhere?
I’ve tried a 3 cell LiPo but that is notionally 11.1V (OK they tend to be a little higher when first charged) but the DT shuts down at 11V (I tried it).
A four cell LiFePo comes in at 13.2V which is a little high. I can add a DC-DC converter or a couple of diodes in series to drop this down to 12V but if the DN is happy at that voltage I’d rather not add the complexity.
Anyone using LiFePo4 to supply their DT/DN or know maximum voltage limits?

…PS, this is my first post so “Hi everyone” and thanks for making the Elektronauts forum such a great read.