Hey guys needed help sending midi out to my dreadbox Erebus from my digitone, which receives clock midi from my octatrack. I tried all channels but haven’t gotten any audio out of the Erebus. Just curious is anybody has a similar set up that can lend some help.

Are you connecting it to the DN’s midi out?
If you want OT’s clock to get to Erebus you’ll want to connect the DN’s midi thru to the Erebus…

Elektrons also seem to work if you set to both receive and send clock, and then you can use the out port but I don’t know if the timing is as solid…

Yes DN Midi Out, both are set to receive and send midi. I also midi through as well as sending midi from the OT but still nothing.

Erebus receives midi from a midi keyboard, just not from my elektron boxes which may eventually mean I’ll have to return it :frowning:

On the Octatrack you have to select the midi channel then push the encoder in to select it, maybe you need to on the Digitone too?


Also check your midi note/cc settings and make sure its sending out data


Tried pushing in the encoder on the digitone but nothing happened.

I think it has something to do with the channel the Erebus receives midi data on, except their manual is pretty vague and incomplete.

Hmmm, make sure your “out port func” and “output to” in the DN’s settings are set to midi…
Verify that the channel you choose for the midi track becomes permanently visible on the screen, which would mean it was set correctly. Perhaps try func+encoder if it’s not selecting…

It looks like the Erebus can receive on all channels (omni), or channels 2-7, but you must select them by flipping dip switches inside of it… :rofl:
I imagine it would come set on omni, but I don’t know…

Can you find out what channel your keyboard is transmitting on that made it work?

First a question, why don’t you use the Octatrack to control the Erebus directly? This could make things easier, but I don’t know your complete setup. If you are using OT, DN, Erebus only, I would suggest to connect:

  1. OT-Midi-Out --> Erebus-Midi-In
  2. Erebus-Midi-Through --> DN-Midi-In

or use a Midi-Splitter after the OT.

However … check the Midi channel, which the Erebus is listening to. Maybe it’s channel 1. Then send some Midi-notes on this channel to the Erebus to check that the Erebus is fine.

Now, last but not least, it should be considered that the Elektron-boxes use some Midi channels for their own purpose. I don’t have a DN, but I guess that the DN could make use of the first 1 to 6 or 8 channels by default. Since the Erebus can listen to channels 1 to 7 only, there could be some midi channel changing necessary, to get everything separated :wink:

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if that’s the whole setup and ment to work as a live setup…most solid way to connect these…

.dn as master clock only…octaracks midi sequencer is triggering the dreadbox…ot’s midi sequencer capabilities are way more settled for now…

and audiowise…dreadbox in the ot, ot in the dn, dn to mixer…