Digitone external input delay

Hi friends,
I recently bought DIgitone and I absolutely love this machine.
However, I still have one question, that I could not answer myself: I am using Digitone sequencer to trigger modular system through the midi input on Arturia Minibrute 2S and then receive the audio in Digitone via external inputs. Is there a way to compensate a delay I experience at external inputs from modular?

Non Digitone related question in case someone has the answer : what are the devices that translate midi cc to cv ?

CV.OCD outside the rack, and Mutant Brain in the rack. These two devices use the same firmware, I believe. There are others (Kenton makes one).

Thanks, will check them out :slight_smile:

This really depends on where the latency is occurring. How much of a delay are we talking here?

I would lean towards the MIDI chain being the big culprit here actually. The total latency of converting from analog to digital then back to analog is likely very low.

But I can be wrong of course, haven’t done any proper testing or measuring of this myself but I’ve never really perceived any latency when using the external inputs.


Hi Ess, thanks for the replay.
Actually the issue was that I was sending midi to the external gear through Ableton live and not direct midi output port of the Digitone. Now when I send midi to the modular by midi out of the Digitone no latency at all. :slight_smile: