Digitone External MIDI Keyboard

Hey! Question regarding Overbridge and external MIDI keyboard for Digitone. I’m able to play each track of the Digitone separately when I set up the Digitone with an external instrument in Ableton on midi ch 10, works no problem. My question is should this functionality also be available within Overbridge? It only plays track 1 from the keyboard but none of the others. All tracks are playing within Overbridge but I cannot say selected track 2/3/4 and play that on the keyboard. Anyone know how this can be achieved? Thanks.

You won’t be using autochan for this. Create 4 midi tracks next to the vst track. Set each to output to the separate tracks(ch1,ch2etc.) of the DN.


Hey! Thanks for the reply, unfortunately this doesn’t seem solve the issue. I can still only play track one through Overbridge on an external keyboard, adding the additional midi tracks does not achieve anything really. I can get the four individual audio tracks out from OB no problem, but I hoped that by selecting each individual track on the DN would translate through OB and to the keyboard as it does with the external instrument setup. I’m sure this must be possible right? I mean I can play each individual track from the unit itself and that works from OB but just not with the external keyboard, strange no?


hi @barryryan9 have you found a solution to this problem? i have the same issue.

hi @barryryan9 it seems that what @StreetDeezy is saying is the solution! it is working now for me :slight_smile:

I’ve added a screenshot to show u what i’ve done if u still need it.
I’ve set up 4 midi tracks each listening to a separate channel, by setting the channel on your midi keyboard it wil get picked up by Ableton. For each midi track i send it to the Digitone channel and add the corresponding midi channel.

As an extra to make it easier i have the Roli studio VST (u can use any VST with similar capabilities) underneath which i can use as an input for the midi channels, by setting the midi channel to in instead of auto i can get sound from overbridge without having to change the midi channel on the keyboard.

I’ve not touched the settings on the Digitone at all.

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