Digitone inf sustain release to new note

Hi, new poster and complete digitone noob…

Forgive me if this is something that’s already been covered.

I predominantly write ambient music and often set an infinite sustain note in the amp settings as a backdrop for everything else.

I was wondering if any of you guys know of a way to do this but set a new note to take presidence over the old one? As for now the old one just continues to sustain out. I was thinking of setting a p-lock to bring down the release and then set a new one but it creates a gap and I’d like it to be a continuous drone…

Hope I’ve explained that right :sweat_smile:. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Other than manually triggering notes on the drone, you could copy the pattern multiple times, changing the drone note as you see fit. There may be another more “elektronic”:laughing: way to do it though. I’d like to know too, as I’m working on a project with a drone track.

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Yeah bring down the sustain manually and then playing in the new note. The problem for me is I normally play melody’s over the top and my hands aren’t free.

It’s a slim chance but I’m hoping there’s some way. There’s just so many options on these things, it’s probably staring us right in the face :joy:

maybe a p-lock toward the end of your long note that sends to the delay and your new note can have a conditional trig set where you want it with a really long attack, so that as the first note hits the delay tail the new note is fading in… ?

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