Digitone Keys - Control Inputs.. Feature Request?

Ive got control voltage from a microfreak synth set up affecting various parameters on track 1.
This is the bass line track.

On track 2 is my pad. nice and smooth. mellow.

When I switch from track 1 to track 2 the microfreak CV modulation also affects the smooth pad, making it not smooth and somewhat horrid!

Is there any way for the modulations that are input to Control Inputs A or B to be locked just one track?
So the other 3 are not affected…

Am I missing something totally simple? … I can’t tell anymore, my heads thrashed from trying to figure it out and deciphering the manual

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It seems not. As far as I know, the Control Inputs always affect the active track.

The only workaround is to NOT switch to another track.

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Not the best workaround on a performance synth is it… To stay stuck on one track all night!

Oh dear… I’ll contact Elektron.

Definitely one for feature-request@elektron.se


Yep. I contacted them last night. :crossed_fingers:

As it is, using a continuous stream of control voltage, the Control Inputs are unusable unfortunately …

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what a incredible Stupid implementation of CV.