Digitone keys freezing randomly

I have a brand new digitone keys with the latest OS. It randomly freezes sometimes giving away loud high pitched noise. Anyone experience this?

I’m also experiencing freezes in live when using overbridge…


I’ve had similar, but not all that recently. IIRC for me I think it’s been caused by a MIDI loop – the DN Keys sending MIDI to Logic, which is then sending it back to the Keys, which causes a lockup (I’ve had similar issues on the DT, too). I usually have mine set to receive on USB but only send MIDI over DIN, that seems to have fixed it for me.

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Great thanks for the hint. I’ll try that.

Anyone else getting a MIDI loop? I’m trying to find why my DN is crashing FL20 when OB plugin is in a session…i have to switch it off to start the session, then switch it on after…i still get freezes and pops and clicks, it is behaving exactly like a MIDI loop…i came here to see if others are experiencing this and found this thread…

Just wondering. How would one detect a midi loop? By monitoring the midi ports maybe?

MIDIox usually…not sure how that’s going to work with OB in FL though…?

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Yip…just stopped sending all midi to the DN OB plug in via a midi port in FL, and started using the Digitone as a “midi out” device seperate to OB vst and it clears up the crashing and glitcing…

Weird…the ARmkii, A4mkii and DT are all set up sending midi data to the OB vst with no problems, DN is crashy if it’s set the same way…:man_shrugging:

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Experiencing the hang-up / freeze and high-pitched issue as well.
Got the machine right before Christmas, updated to latest firmware and used it over the past 2-3 weeks fairly frequently. Just the DNK by itself, no connections to any other gear - just power and headphones. It did not lose the composition, but the freezing behavior is worrying. Happened to me three times now in about 3 weeks. Still exploring the synth, doing nothing crazy really…

I had this hang-up / freeze and high-pitched issue, too. (firmware 1.30a) i think the last action i was doing before the freeze appeard, i was playing with some of the Arp settings…
When i switched off the Digitone and tried to turn it on again, it did not work… first i thought the digitone was broken and that i have to sent it in… i own it now for less a year.

after waiting some minutes and starting it in the diagnostic mode (func + turn on) no errors were found. I switched it off and on again. until now the error did not show again. i have started a new pattern not used the one i was working on when the DT freezed.

@salamonkey , @Uthelion
There is a known bug with the Digitone Keys that may be relevant to your freezing problem.
When the sequencer is running, if you hold a trig and continually change the notes on that trig using the keyboard, it will usually cause the unit to freeze with the high pitched sound.
My DK was sent back to Elektron support to be checked over after experiencing this. They actually sent me a brand new one, which also freezes under the same conditions.
Elektron support are aware of it and said they are working on a firmware fix for it.
You should contact support if you think your issue may be related to something else.


Thank you so much, @DampSquid!
This is exactly the issue on my end - I was able to reproduce it consistently now.
I will write also to Elektron Support, I find this a serious issue.

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Yes, it is a serious issue. I hope they can come up with a fix soon.
I pretty much love everything else about this synth though, so I’m prepared to wait and work around the bug.
Let us know if you get any more info from support.

Heard back from (the excellent) Elektron support today.
They confirmed that the bug is known: it takes around 20-40 keypresses when holding down a trig (and the sequencer is running) until the unit freezes. The fix has a high priority, and it will likely be fixed with the next OS release. A temporary solution would be downgrading the OS, but note that projects that have been saved in OS 1.30A won’t work any longer in that case.


That’s good to hear. Thanks for reporting back.
And I agree Elektron support are excellent. Very thorough and quick to reply to emails.
(and they replaced my DK without me asking!)

Mine has nothing to do with holding down a trig, it freezes when playing back midi from my sequencer & it does it frequently. The Electron will also lock up & i have to switch it off & on again.

Like the previous poster, my Digitone will freeze up occasionally and output a high pitched tone. Using it just as a sound module externally sequenced.

Yes - I’m having this too. Building sequences using Randomizing different page settings and getting little pops/glitches/freezes. REALLY annoying. Sort of taking the joy out the experience.


Me pasa igual con mi DK…!!

Well I just noticed that OS 1.31 has been released (a while ago).
I installed this afternoon and no more freezes.
Nice one Elektron!

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Hi. Am in bed with covid this week, so have been spending some time with my Digitone. I’m on 1.31 but have now experienced two freezes where the unit locked up (unresponsive to all keys) and was emitting a high pitched sound. Guess it isn’t fixed :frowning:

Will have to try and notice what I’m doing and see if I can reproduce…