Digitone Keys Sound Bank Transfer issue

After upgrading my DK’s operating system to the new 1.32, while I had it connected to my MacBook, it felt like a good time to add some new Sound Banks. Purchased RTFM, RTFM2 and Big Sky from Elektron and attempted to use Transfer and Sysex Dump to send each Sound Bank to my DK

But when I drag the actual Sounds to the Transfer window and drop, it appears to only transfer every other sound to the DK (let’s say the “even” sounds); for the “odd” sounds, Transfer shows me an error message “Position already contains data; refresh the listing and try again” (see attached screenshots)

I have more than enough open slots in Banks C-H so not sure why Transfer would be finding every other position containing data? What’s the easiest way, either in Transfer or on the Digitone itself to just clear Bank C completely and reinstall the three Sound Packs from scratch?

Yes, I’ve read the installation guide that Elektron included with the Sound Packs but like the rest of their manuals I found it opaque at best in actually describing what should be fairly routine.

The Sound Manager on the DN itself is covered on p67 of Manual

pressing left or right whilst operating in that manager will bring up useful commands for selecting/deleting etc

empty the banks affected and try again

restart app/device etc and maybe ensure nothing else is talking to the DK - personally i’d have it run in USB mode = MIDI only … keep everything simplest

best to report your Macbook OS here too

I have this problem too and Im not sure what Im doing wrong. Only half the files get successfully transfered.
DN and transfer is on latest firmware, and every other patch is red like the pics from user above.
I select USB MIDI - and go to sysex recieve and Bank C and drag the patches from the pack into Transfer, I have 2 packs i would like to install and same errors occur with both.
In Transfer I select the patches that did get installed and remove them, since I want to have them all in one go.
I have also tried USB Audio Midi with same result, and another usb port.

Any ideas?

Ok I found a solution, drag each patch individually into transfer and they all get sent ok, All patches safely onboard my brand spanking new DN :smiley:

I did a DN backup/reinstall on DNKeys and I had the same issue while grabbing whole folders of sounds.

Eventually I found a sweet spot where I could grab maybe 25 at a time and everything was groovy, if a little more labor intensive.