Digitone LFO sync issues

I seem to be have a strange issue with LFO sync.
I have a pad sound on T2 with a slow attack-Filter EG. I’ve added an LFO with S/H waveform also modulating the Filter Freq (to get that soft percolating movement ). The LFO is set to TRG.
I’ve sequenced a Dmin chord for 2 bars followed by a Cmaj for 2 bars…pretty simple.
The issue is the LFO starts dragging shortly after the second chord. No other modulation is employed. It sounds perfect on the first chord. Trigs are on the exact 1 of respective bar (no microtiming).
Anyone had this issue? It’s quite irritating in a musical sense as it makes unwanted tension/timing issues.

Ps I’m still on 1.10. Just got it a few days ago and a little concerned over reported 1.20 issues.

Update: seems to have gone away after locking voices. Most have been a voice stealing issue