Digitone LFO Trig Mode (Help Troubleshooting)

I have a pattern (64 bars long) with LFO.T “off” on the TRIG page, but “on” on steps 1 of page 1:1 and 3:4 (first step of every 24 steps). The LFO mode is set to the second mode “TRG.”

In most cases, the LFO retriggers on every LFO retrigger setting, but in one project it is not, and I can’t figure out why. I’ve accounted for the other LFO (also set to TRG). I can’t find any other LFO trigs, and the LFO trig steps aren’t on COND.

Any ideas???

I’ve got to admit I find the whole LFO trigg settings unintuitive with DN and 2nd any help. It seems different shapes work differently and the envelope shape fader thingy shows this too, only working some times (guess it’s my leaning style :woozy_face:).

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