Digitone loose knob

Hi everyone, glad to be part of this community! About three weeks ago I bought digitone which is a fantastic machine as I had hoped, but a few days ago I discovered that knobs are not exactly stable, one in particular is rather loose in my opinion. I enclose a video to better understand the problem and I thank anyone who wants to answer and tell me if it is part of normality or not. I have seen other topics about this problem on other machines but I see no more effective way of posting a video because the problem is very specific. thank you

Have got the same on my DT (Data entry knob).

My rytm Mki has a loose knob I think it has to do with the potentiometer being screwed into that spot and it comes loose after use ? I tried opening mine to see if I could tighten it up but then I stripped one of my outside case screw I feel ducked ::frowning:

Thanks guys for your answer! Now I’ve seen that other knobs are starting to do the same thing so I think it’s “factory standard”. Perhaps I will contact the assistance to be a little quiet but still it is annoying.

I haven’t heard of mk2 encoders getting wobbly yet, but I guess it must be possible! It shouldn’t really be a problem to have slightly wobbly knobs as long as the values aren’t skipping.

They’re not screwed in; they’re only connected to the board via solder (a very solid solder join at that, so not the problem here). It’s the mechanism of the encoder itself that gets a bit wobbly over time and can eventually skip. The only real fix in this case is to replace the encoder.

What did you use to open the case? It’s strange that you stripped the screws!

Well my room gets dusty with the fan and I don’t have a dust cover so I opened it to air can it out and I guess I tightened it back to tight and when I can back to check the encoder i stripped the top left screw trying to loosen it. Moral of the story don’t close up your unit stoned! I can PM you a video of how wonky mine is pselodux!

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