Digitone+Microfreak+Keystep (function/settings)


Question…regarding Keystep, Digiton, Microfreak

I use Keystep with Digitone.
I decided to hook the Microfreak up to the Digitone to sequence it. Cool.

I can do that using the Digitone “keys” on the box.

I am able to play the Digitone with the keystep.

Is there a setting or way by which I can play the Microfreak with the key step through the Digitone?

I can’t seem to trigged the micro freak with the key step thru the Digitone by playing the keys.(on the correct channel)


Connect KS MIDI Out to DN MIDI In.
Connect DN MIDI Out to MF MIDI In.

Set KS to transmit on the DN’s Auto channel.
Set a MIDI track on the DN to transmit on the MF’s MIDI channel.
(There are other configuration settings to make in the DN.)
Make that MIDI track the active track on the DN.

Play the MF’s keyboard.