Digitone MIDI LFO to control Plugins in Ableton Live

Hi there, you all!

So, I have a quite specific question:

I am currently using the Standard version of Ableton Live 10 and, as such, I’ve lost access to all the Max4Live utilities I used to have during the trial version. The one I miss the most is the LFO, which I used to use to modulate parameters of plugins.

But then I realized that I have 4 MIDI LFOs in the Digitone, and I thought maybe I could use them that way. The thing is, I’ve had the Digitone for maybe a month and I am not at all familiar with the MIDI tracks, other than very basically controlling a couple of my other synths. I have no idea if what I want (say modulating parameters inside a plugin) can be done with the Digitone LFOs, or how.

I suppose it would be done over USB MIDI, but I don’t know if maybe Overbridge would be the better (or only?) way to do it.

Do any of you have some insight to offer? It would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great day, regardless :slight_smile:

Just a simple midi connection (via usb or din midi out into your midi interface or audio interface with midi in/out connected to your computer) is all you need.
You can then simply map parameters in Live to midi CCs you have setup in the Digitones midi track (enable midi mapping, click a parameter in Live and briefly touch the encoder on your Digitone - similar to mapping a midi controller to parameters in Live). Modulate those CCs with an lfo and voila - lfo modulates parameter in Live.

Make sure everything is setup correct in DN (set a midi channel for the midi track and enable midi ccs on that track) and Live (enable ‘remote’ for parameter control in Lives preferences for the midi input port of your Digitone, if you want to reveive notes, also enable ‘track’).

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Wow! As simple as that? That’s wonderful and soooo helpful. I’ll try that as soon as I get home. Thanks a bunch!!! :slight_smile:

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