Digitone MIDI parameter locks velocity issue


Do you guys and girls maybe have an idea what can cause this? I try to sequence a Minitaur with the Digitone with velocity locks but it rarely works, most of the time it doesn’t (and I also tried A4 and Virus TI, same results). I double checked:

  • The velocity to vol is on in the sound settings
  • There is no velocity mod set up
  • There are no LFOs or anything set up except the sequence

The strange thing is that sometimes it does work.

I also found a rather annoying thing with the Minitaur, for some reason when I power on the devices the Digitone sends some Midi CC to the Minitaur because it’s settings get messed up (it turns up the second oscillator in the mix, change the LFO speed, etc). But this can be an issue of the Minitaur, I didn’t check this one with other gear.

velocity to Vol only relates to the DN engine (likewise matrix, i imagine, not a dn owner)

if you are describing that the MIDI tracks do not output valid velocity data then check on a midi monitor on your computer

then look into why you have minitaur midi issues

i guess just double check the issue is with the DN , seems unlikely tbh

You’ll need to provide more detail on your setup/settings (after simplifying it to get the root cause)

Then configure the A4 with a very obvious velocity matrix mod tied to pitch/timbre etc so you can work it through -then turn to minitaur and how it gets messed up