Digitone - MIDI

Hello, can the Digitone import or export MIDI files?
thanks in advance.


Thank you for the answer.
Another Elektron gear can do that?


Because the Elektron instruments feature step sequencers, it would not usually be very useful to import MIDI files.

For the Elektron instruments with MIDI sequencers, their MIDI output could be recorded into a DAW or other sequencer.

I believe it would actually be very useful to export a midi sequence created in an elektron instrument for further editing in a daw, or to import a midi sequence you have previously worked on another platform, to your elektron instrument for further tweaking or live performance. It’s just the flexibility and openness that would really help. I think the Squarp Pyramid (another midi sequencer) can do this

Of course you can record your midi sequence from elektron to your daw or other platform, and vice-versa, but it’s not as simple and convenient as it would be to import/export

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I totally agree with you. I think must be a good update for a new firmware :slight_smile: with this new feature you can work at home in your daw with your elektron machines as sound sources and later export it as a midi file to you/yours elektron machines for a live performance!
I remember that Roland had the same problem with the MC-303 / 307 / 505 but the learned the lesson and the new equipment (MC-909 / MC-808) had the ability to import midi files