Digitone + Nord Drum 2


What you think about this collab? Maybe anybody have a practices?


Love Monomachine, think about Digitone

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sorry, I thought u asked about Digitakt, my bad :blush:

Was thinking about the same, but there’s one problem: Elektron gear doesn’t know how to send proper program change messages, which means you’ll have to use some workarounds, which is pain in the ass…

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I tried a Roland TR08 with my Digitone. But those sounds are tired, unfortunately. I was wondering about DoubleDrummer, but I’m short of cash. So I just bought a Nord Drum 1 from eBay, to fill in some beats. I don’t know how well it will fit, but I’m hopeful. If the Digitone had 16 note polyphony I wouldn’t even need another drum machine. Such a great machine, for any sound you want! :grinning:


What do you mean by this? I’m easily sending and p-locking program change messages from my Digitone to my OB6 just fine right now. How is your Digitone giving you trouble?


Nord Drum 2 requires a bank change message to change programs.

EDIT: Bad info! See below!

Ok, that makes sense then. Elektron machines are incabable of this. I think it is lame they can’t do this.

Can it switch programs if you’re already in the right bank? Or if you just use the first bank?

If I remember right, it will accept the first program change but then it’ll ignore others until you send it the bank change message. I think I posted about this elsewhere on here but I can’t remember which thread it was in.

EDIT: Bad info! See below!

Thanks for the info. Bummer!

Sorry, bad info - PC alone should work!

And you should be able to send the complete message on the Digi, as long as you can fire those bank CCs before you send the program change.


That is great news, thanks!

Just paired ND2 and Digitone together testing it out. They sound perfect together. Quick sequencing with probability from the DN is a nice addition. I always use analog gear for kick drums (rather than ND2) but with the digitone they sound perfect in the mix together.

And when I say perfect in the mix, I mean just the ND2 stereo out in the Digitone inputs. Doesn’t feel like any individual sounds need separate processing etc sounds great straight out the box!


Any samples?

Not many videos of this combo, but this is good (ND1?):


How are folks using the ND2 in MIDI?

Individual channels makes sense, but with 6 channels but only 4 MIDI on Digitone.

Edit: reading the manual again, it seems like you can have both Global and Individual MIDI channels. So could just trigger some sounds, while have more control over several others.

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If you want to modulate parameters on all of the 6 parts individually, you’ll need 7 midi channels: global to play all six voices, and six channels to modulate each voice / part individually. If you send notes on an individual channel, they will trigger the part and play the pitch i.e. chromatically.


So far this is going great for me. The sounds mesh well together.

I had that combo for a while. But like mention sole of the parameters require msb and lsb which works really badly on Elektron gear. It got so annoying that I ditched that set up.

But never the less they sound great together.

I would maybe implore you to check out Volca drum instead. Same type of synthesis just not as deep, but also not so deep on your wallet…

Edit; here’s a jam where I’m sequencing Digitone and ND2 with the OP-Z.

All sequencing from OP-Z sounds are from Digitone and ND2


Lovely tune, and damn that bass is wonderful. Are you using the onboard compressor here and if so, how do you find yourself setting it for a mix like this?